The Beatles - I Hope We Passed The Audition

BROADCAST: BBC Radio 2 January 27th 2009 22.30-23.30

Radio 2 celebrates the 40th-anniversary of The Beatles final public appearance which took place on 30th January 1969 on the roof of the band's Apple Corps London headquarters in Mayfair's Savile Row in I Hope We Passed the Audition (Tuesday 27th, 10.30pm UK time). The title of the programme quotes John Lennon at the event which followed tense rehearsals, with George Harrison allegedly feeling unappreciated and Yoko Ono speaking on a disgruntled Lennon's behalf. The band nearly broke up, but months later recorded Abbey Road, and performances from the rooftop concert ended up on the Let It Be LP. Featuring input from Yoko Ono, director Michael Lindsay-Hogg, photographer Ethan Russell, engineer Alan Parsons, technician Dave Harries, and the policeman who followed orders to shut down the session.

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